Often we associate what we hear to an image and what we see to a sound. Although this idea can be questioned, we want to research the confluence of image and sound in one same moment between to different spaces that are linked by the production - consumer demand relationship.

The sounds that surround banana consumption in the US confluence with the huge landscape plantations of banana in Colombia (bananeras). While someone is buying banana in a supermarket in one territory, someone is being displaced violently from his land in order to use it to plant more banana.

Banana split violently communities organized toward different forms of production, split the possibility for peasants to be self-sustainable, split workers in bananeras so they can’t protest, split economic production in Colombia to turn it dependable, split the possibility to create other forms of economic organization that are not colonialist, split judges, governors and other politicians so they can decide in favor of bananeras, split, Banana Split.

The victims of the armed conflict produced by banana are the same people that package it in Turbo, the port of multinational corporations. When banana arrives to the US it is translated into a pro- duct that competes with others to be consumed. Someone in the US buys it in its nice package. The information has been distorted.

The image became everything for the product, abstracting and avoiding where and how the product came from, totalizing what the product is. The thing is sustained for what it is, not for it process. Then banana is not banana, diamond is not diamond, iPod is not iPod, gas is not gas. There’s a chain of production violence based that explains why a thing in a determined place is. For a banana to be in the US or in a country that is not tropical means huge productions somewhere in the “third world” that make sustainable for multinationals to pay the costs of production, transportation, marketing and still have big utilities.

But what arrives is banana, what we see is banana, what is distorted in the transmission is banana. This project allows thinking the process of trans- mission as something that instead of reflecting filters information.

By juxtaposing the visual and the sonic in one single space, we intend to audio-visualize the forgotten landscape shadowed by the image of the product.