I explore sound as a means of empowerment, on the principle that each of us is the center of the sounds we hear.

Vereda Piedras Blancas / Carepa - Urabá, Colombia.

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Oskarshamn, Sweden. 

The word Recording is understood today mostly in reference to recording devices. The use of this word originally referred to the act of bringing to memory. To record was also a term used to describe the act of teaching a bird to sing a melody.

Pore - Casanare, Colombia.

We wanted to analyze the soundscape of the Colombian eastern plains from a acousmatic perspective in order to understand the importance of light / dark relationship in this culture. For this we travel across the department of Casanare from the border with Arauca, all the way to the Meta River. When we approach the idea of darkness there, it was worth considering how the knowledge and traditions were shared in this place. The plains evening (and a place with no electric light) allowed us to live a acousmatic experience where the ear and hearing were the only reference of this unique landscape.

The Bagel - Chicago, United Estates.

The egocentric quality of listening cement a new geographical center, all based in the experience of an individual.

Chicago, United States.

This recording was made on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago Illinois, wind noise is the same of cars passing by. To record I positioned myself in what could be considered a pedestrian tunnel bordering the lake. Above me cars passing,  below me the water of Lake Michigan passing.